Huamei Building Materials

Service and Support

After-sale Service

Thank you for choosing our product and for your trust and support in our products and services. In order to provide you with a better experience and service during the use of our products, we provide the following after-sales services:

Service Commitment

We promise to provide free repair and replacement services for faults and damages caused by product quality issues during the product warranty period.

After sales service channels

We provide various after-sales service channels, including customer service hotlines, online customer service, after-sales service centers, etc. You can contact our after-sales service team through any channel, and we will be happy to provide you with help and support.

After sales service process

When you discover quality issues with ceiling products, please contact our after-sales service team in a timely manner and provide product purchase vouchers and a detailed description of the malfunction. We will provide you with the following after-sales service process:

(1) Preliminary confirmation of the fault phenomenon and cause;
(2) Detect and repair faulty products;
(3) If it cannot be repaired, we will provide you with a free replacement service.

Time limit for after-sales service

We will provide you with service as soon as we receive your after-sales service request. We promise to complete the repair and replacement of faulty products within 14 working days.

Our after-sales service team will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality and efficient services, so that you have no worries during the use of our products. If you have any opinions or suggestions regarding our after-sales service, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will continuously improve our service and provide you with better products and services.

Thank you again for your support and trust in us!