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yimuDare to take responsibility
She is different from the general sense of responsibility, as she must have the ability and courage to take on important responsibilities. As long as it is for the interests of precision workers, regardless of internal or external factors, she must be brave enough to take on important responsibilities. Encourage such behavior, even if it is wrong, and do not seek to be fully prepared.
Dare to take the lead
She is different from ordinary people in terms of innovation. She needs to have the courage to be the first to eat crabs. She must take the path that no one has walked before, and at the same time have the courage to fight and never give up, persevere, and turn the impossible into something that can be fought against.
A promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold
Adhere to a commitment to excellence in the face of customers and employees, and do what you say and do what you do.
Be strict in one 's demands
Work meticulously, conscientiously and responsibly, devote sufficient effort to every detail, work diligently, and strive for perfection.
Team work
We advocate teamwork, teamwork, dedication, dedication, and the courage to fight. Seiko only has a perfect team, there is no perfect individual.
Willing to contribute
Skilled workers value dedication. At any time, anywhere, and under any circumstances, they should take the overall situation of precision work as a basin, prioritize precision work and industry, and increase their personal interests along with the cause of precision work.

Company Strength

A technology innovative enterprise that integrates research and development, design, and production of indoor ceiling and wall decoration materials, as well as specialized mechanical equipment

1996 year


10 million

registered capital

160 people



annual output

50 +

coverage area